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  • Chamber of Commerce
  • The Ardmore Chamber of Commerce is an influential and active organization in the community and houses the business operations of the Ardmore Development Authority and Ardmore Tourism Authority.
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  • Dining Experience
  • The Ardmore area is proud of the locally owned family restauranteurs that make our community such a unique place to spend time with friends and business contacts.

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  • Emergency
  • Carter County has adopted an emergency 911 plan and in recent years has renamed many of the roads in the county to facilitate the location of properties.  The search engines and map providers on the internet have not yet correctly changed all the names and at times there may be conflicts.  We have taken every effort at Maureen Realty to provide the coordinates to the main entrances of the properties or common street addresses.
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  • Employment
  • Ardmore has a diverse group of companies and organizations that fuel the local economy as well as several temporary employment services.
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  • Family Services
  • Our area has a wide variety of services for various purposes and we have attempted to list several that may be of service.

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  • Financial Services
  • The strong oil, agricultural and ranching heritage of Ardmore has built a community of financial strength and economic stability.

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  • Inspections - Property
  • We strongly recommend obtaining professional inspections on all property purchased, many use whole-house inspectors.  This can also or alternately include electrical, heating/cooling, structural, roofing, surveys, termite/pest, etc. 
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  • Hotels & Accommodations
  • The strong tourism industry in what is known as Lake Country provides a steady occupancy for the hotel industry in Ardmore.  The Ardmore Regional Park is located at the north end of the hotel district in Ardmore and hosts a wide variety of softball, horseshoe and other tournaments.  Call early as the business and recreational demands have keep occupancy very high, although several new facilities have been constructed in recent years.
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  • Insurance
  • Property Insurance for your purchase.  Please coordinate well in advance of your move to be sure coverage is not skipped.  For Title Insurance, visit Title Services.
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  • Libraries
  • Ardmore has a rich source of research, reference and classic library services and resources as well as connections to several university outlets.
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  • Licenses
  • New Residents have ten days to register their vehicles and driver licenses once moving and becoming a permanent residence.
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  • Government - Local
  • Ardmore is the county seat of Carter County and the trade center for about 50 miles and is run by three elected commissioners and an elected sheriff.  The city of Ardmore is run by elected comissioners.
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  • Media
  • Ardmore has numerous media outlets for various advertising needs with local TV and radio stations and a cable network across southern Oklahoma.  The one daily newspaper is also available online.
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  • Medical Care
  • The Ardmore area has a rich set of resources for all kinds of medical care including public, private and not-for-profit organizations.  The incredible financial access to funding has blessed the area with terrifc facilities for a community our size. 
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  • Shopping
  • Located halfway between Oklahoma City and Dallas, Ardmore is about 75-100 miles from the big city, but shopping in our trade center is robust with local boutiques, reatialers, chains and big box stores.
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  • Title Services
  • Oklahoma is an abstract state and the transactions process is different to most all other states.  We strongly recommend obtaining owner's title insurance in your transactions, although not required by law as in most other states. 
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  • Transportation
  • Our unique location within the interstate and intrastate highway network and central location between the east and west coasts and between Canada and Mexico, has made Ardmore a popular place for distrubution networks and positions us well for growth into the future.
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  • Utility Companies
  • The primary utility companies most of our area and typically heating is accomplished with natural gas, electical resistance or propane sources.  Domestic water is delivered either by the municipalities or the rural water company, and in some cases water wells may be required.  The water resources of our area are terrific and rated some of the best in the state and supplied by the many lakes in the nearby mountains and reserviors. 
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