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BUYERS: Property Questions

Here are some typical questions you may have about finding your property.  By answering these questions, you will begin to develop a feel for the various properties and will be able to develop a nice plan for finding your perfect property.

1) Are You:Couple Bench

  • Actively searching for a property now
  • Planning to buy a property within 6 months
  • Planning to buy a property later than 6 months from now

2) What price range are you considering?

3) What areas do you have interest?

4) What kind of property do you want to buy?

  • Detached Home
  • Semi-detached Home
  • Condominium
  • Raw Land for Building a home or business
  • Ranch Land
  • Hunt Land
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

5) What style of property do you want to buy (e.g., contemporary, colonial, tudor, brick, steel, timbered, prairie, etc.)?

6) What improvement features interest you (e.g. bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, acres, functionality, etc.)?

7) What specific land features (e.g., waterfront, large lot, timbered, ponds, hilly, etc.)?

8)  Do you have an idea of how you will fund the property and if a lender might be involved, have you arranged a pre-approval?


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