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Maureen Kalesnik, Founding Broker Associate

Maureen was born and educated in England of Scottish and Irish parents and whose father was a keen businessman, developer and investor.  Maureen traveled enormously as a youth which was normal during the day in Europe.  After lots of worldwide travel she happened, by great fortune, to arrive in this wonderful city of Ardmore.  She soon fell in love not only with the beautiful city, mountains and Lake Murray but even more so with the people that live here.  She decided that this would be a great place to raise her young family, Chris, Carl and Jamie Lou.

In 1970 she had a strong feeling about making a difference in the real estate industry and decided to jump in with both feet. Maureen had worked in court reporting so the legal world was quite familiar to her (back then women were not very visible in business so it was not easy starting out).  Her hard work and perseverance won the day and the fruits of her labor show to this day.

At that time, Maureen was still an English citizen and when she first started  she had a partner  in order to obtain the broker licensing.  After the first year or two while Maureen was overseas visiting family, the partner moved all the furniture from the office and in effect, stole the business and more importantly, the old name OKIE Realty which had made quite a stir in town.  On her return, Maureen had had no choice, but to start up again under her own name and Maureen Realty was born!

Everything was plain sailing from then on and she is entirely indebted to the people of Ardmore who were so supportive of her business. Her timing was perfect as Uniroyal (now Michelin) was just moving to Ardmore; her first customers were all the new employees coming from various overseas locations;  this was a perfect chance to put her best foot forward, sell Ardmore and introduce Maureen Realty to the community.    With her travels behind her, often bicycling through Europe as a teenager meeting people from all cultures, embarking on this journey was just another adventure for her. 

In those early days, she operated out of our home on Stanley and Chris, her oldest son, was a big help, even though he was just in elementary was  decided that Maureen Realty should have a permanent home in the best location so the property was acquired at the time I-35 was coming through and our building was constructed. To quote Maureen, " Little did I ever dream that one of the "kids" would follow in my footsteps and come take over, grow the business and move it into the 21st century... Chris did this and I am very proud of all his efforts and accomplishments.  He now owns the business and is Managing Broker."

Real estate contracts were often verbal in those days but one page contracts became common -Ardmore had no multi list and Maureen played a big part in the original organization of our  MLS as we know it here  today.  Equity assumptions were common too and transactions were much easier to handle, usually being done so entirely by the Realtor, with the exception of title opinions.   There were few mortgage companies, with most loans being made through a local savings and loan or bank. 

People have become much more educated since the arrival of computers and this has helped our industry tremendously; "I am proud to be a Realtor and happy that I have been able to help so many people over the past forty years with their real estate needs;  most especially those who really had to be persuaded that they COULD buy a home and did not have to remain renters all their lives..... people today thank me for having done this years ago and are proud of the lovely properties they now own to pass on to their children.     I am also proud of all the wonderful Sales Associates that have come through our Maureen Realty door, and most especially of those who have been with me from the very beginning - their loyalty and dedication to  Maureen Realty is immeasurable.  Our team of trained, friendly professionals are leaders in this market place!   We value all our friends and customers and the repeat business  that has sustained our company through thick and thin.  "We sell to sell again" is our company slogan and it still holds strong today as it will into the future! "

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